Together with the client we ensure that you can work carefree and with pleasure.

Payroll brings little changes for you as an employee. The difference is that you will receive your employment contract from Flexcellens and wealso pay your salary. You can be confident that we will ensure a quick and correct payment of your salary, holiday allowance, vacation days and pension payments.

You simply carry out the daily work for your client, with the difference that you are formally employed by Flexcellens. We are a committed employer and we consider it important that all matters in and around your work are well organised.

To keep things simple, we aim for optimal online user friendliness.  You can make use of a private portal where all information can be found.  For example: contract information, invoices, payment slips, sick reports and much more. Everything in one simple overview, this works nice and easy!

You can always contact us if you have financial or administrative questions.

The biggest advantages:

  • Wage payment in case of incapacity for work
  • Pension and training arrangements
  • Social insurance: you will accrue unemployment benefits
  • Simple digital registration of work hours through ‘My Flexcellens’
  • Punctual payment of salary
  • Helpdesk (075-6127210) available for questions