Is Payroll something for you?

Flexcellens is an involved partner and a professional employer with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the work field!

The basic principle of Flexcellens is to unburden you as an employer.  Outsourcing part of your work as an employer means less obligations and more convenience for you.  We take over as many administrative tasks as possible. Think of contract management, we ensure that your employees get the right contract. Salary administration and salary payments, so that your employees receive the right salaries on time.

In addition to taking care of the contracts and salaries, absenteeism is also in our management. Our experienced employees at the back office are up to date with the latest developments in labor law. They provide expert advice for you and your employees in the field of labor-related flexible issues.

Flexcellens also takes care of invoicing and declarations from institutions like the UWV, the tax authorities, various pensions and related insurance policies, the health and safety service and the absenteeism insurance.